Design Options 


     Wine Cellars Limited offers a wide variety of Design Options.  We are here to protect, store, and showcase your wine with the cellar of your dreams, by bringing your vision to life.  Whether the purpose of your Custom Wine Cellar is to entertain and display your collection or solely to store and protect, no project is too big or too small.

     Depending on the space, one might consider a custom curved arch over a countertop for a decanting area, custom cabinets for hidden storage, or a stemware rack for a variety of wine glass storage.  An angled high reveal row displays bottles at a 15 degree angle revealing the labels of key special vintages as well as serving inventory purposes.  Recessed lighting over the high reveal row highlights the bottles.  A dramatic waterfall feature creates a focal point in the room as well as provides storage for larger bottles.  A custom full glass entry door provides an inviting entrance into your wine cellar.



Not sure what Design Options best fit your requests?  Contact our talented designers and engineers today to discuss design options based upon your needs:

  • The size of the available space
  • Current collection capacity and/or future capacity
  • Buying Habits -- individual bottles, cases, 750's, magnums, half bottles, etc.
  • Purpose of Wine Cellar -- storage only, storage and display, and/or entertaining
  • Estimated budget for the project